Camp Love Letters

Camp Love Letters

Dear Greg and Laura...

"…Ok. What did you do with Declan? The Declan that came home yesterday made his bed this morning without me asking, beat me in tennis 6-2, 6-2, is more mature and independent, doesn't care about electronics, etc etc. He's not happy to be home and wants to go back to camp "right now." I love it! Thank you and everyone up there for an incredible summer! Early bird registration complete. Counting down til next summer!!"

- Kimberly Cozza Collins ~ Massachusetts
"Words cannot express all of our appreciation for having Morgan summer after summer up in New Hampshire.

She had an absolutely amazing time this July and is quite frankly sad to be home. It was extra special having her own sisters and many of the kids who she has grown up with since the age of 8 at camp with her. It all came full circle this July by living with the Pio Girls.

We thank you for having her. We thank you for supporting and encouraging her. We thank you for letting her be a kid. We thank you for giving her so much including friendships that she will continue to cherish for a lifetime and skills to utilize to be the best Morgan she can be.

Today actually starts a new adventure for Morgan. Jeff and Morgan just left for a flight out west to visit colleges.

Have a wonderful second session. Thank you again and again."

- Allison and Jeff McKibben ~ New York
"All three of my kids are very much looking forward to see everyone again. I am very happy to have them in your hands during the summer. It is because of Camp Birchmont that they all have a very positive attitude towards the U.S., their people and their values."

- Christoph Bulfon ~ Germany
"Thank you so much for this and for the wise words! Please send all of camp leadership our profound gratitude for giving our daughter and all the kids at Birchmont the joy and freedom of being kids this summer after a really really long 16 months. We miss Noelle so much but could not be more grateful for the ability to send her to a place as special as Birchmont, where she is with special friends in a very special place.

We appreciate all you do, especially this summer, to let kids be kids and make memories and friendships of a lifetime."

- Felicia & John Hendrix ~ New York
"…I don't know who had more fun last summer - Christopher or the rest of the family who enjoyed his camp experience vicariously. He came back to us taller in stature and self confidence… and with newly acquired skills in tennis and swimming…"

- Joan C. Green ~ Florida
"Hi, I hope that session 2 is off to a great start. This was our daughter Natalie's first time at sleep away camp and she had the best summer of her life. She has not stopped talking about camp since she got home, and she is already on a text chain with her bunkmates. We are so grateful for the wonderful experience that you provided, which was even more treasured after such a hard and isolating year.

Natalie is already looking forward to next year!"

- Brooke and Nick Hecker ~ New York
"I just wanted to take a moment of your time to say hello and thank you for making Luke's summer so successful. He had a tremendous time at Birchmont and I know he was sad to leave such a blissful haven. I truly recognize all the small and large "things" that you all do behind the scenes to make it all work. Lastly, please thank the camp photographer. Her pictures were a huge high for me each day and helped me get through 2 sessions."

- Dr. Anne Angiolillo ~ Maryland


Birchmont love letters

"I have been wanting to write to say that both of my girls, Ella and Lily, had such an extraordinary summer at Birchmont. They were yearning to be carefree and for adventures and friendships and more stories in their lives. Their four weeks did exactly that. They came home restored and renewed and wanting to return to camp…

What a success. We are so thankful for you, Greg, and the Birchmont family and look forward to seeing you next summer for even more weeks of camp."

- Rebecca + Family ~ New York
"I wanted to thank you, both, for another amazing Birchmont summer for Emily. This one was extraordinary in many ways and Emily came home an inch taller, sun-kissed and glowing from the joys of a summer very well spent. Camp was and is still a HUGE part of my core. Those BIG victories (like color war Lieutenant and winning the "B") and all of the equally if not more important smaller ones are the foundation of my confidence in the world and in my relationships. Personally and professionally, the lessons of a summer at Birchmont have made all of the difference and my life is richer for it. To know that my kids will have the benefit of all of their summers spent in Wolfeboro is the very best feeling. So, thank you… for carrying on the tradition in the dynamic and graceful way that you do; for offering Emily the opportunity to fuel her passions and to continue to develop as a friend and a leader; and for giving her (and Michael before her) a second place to call HOME."

- Stacy Waldman-Bass ~ Connecticut
"From our very first visit up to Wolfeboro, Avery knew she would be happy at Birchmont. Greg Howes gave us a golf cart tour and the rest is history. Matthew wanted to start immediately too, but we let Avery enjoy her first few summers solo. Birchmont is the place where Avery and Matthew gained independence and developed life-long friendships. They found role models in several counselors as well as older campers. We know that their experiences at Birchmont will live with them forever. For Avery along with many great summer memories the opportunity to work at Pierce Country Day Camp when her camper days were done was a perfect entrée to the working world. For Matthew, his camp friends were a wonderful mix of smart, athletic and considerate. He developed and maintains special bonds with fellow water skiers and runners. Matthew's love of the mountains as well as Birchmont's whitewater trips seem to have wet his appetite for further adventures. Jim and I can't thank you enough for keeping our children safe (especially the attention you paid to Matthew's food allergies), happy and thriving in such a beautiful setting each summer. We love New York City, but it's been heaven for Matthew and Avery to experience summers in New Hampshire."

- Simi and Jim Matera ~ New York
"We just wanted to send you a note of extra thanks. It sounds so simple, but after our phone call this weekend and comparing our call to those of our friends at other camps, we know that we picked the right place for our son. Just the fact that there was no timer sitting in front of our nine year old led to an amazing call. Obviously there are many other reasons we know Birchmont was the place for Jack and he loves it there. Sometimes it is the little things that make parents a little more comfortable. Thank you again for providing our son the opportunity to have an amazing summer!"

- Cara and Mike Behar ~ New Jersey
"…Emily told me that if someone would tell her that she could have anything in the world like a trip to anywhere she would pick another summer at Pierce Camp Birchmont…"

- The Bates-Carter Family ~ California
"Both of you are my heroes and I trust you with my most precious possession, my only child Willie, anytime, anywhere. Thank you so much Greg and Laura, for always being cool, calm, collected and for always putting the children first and getting the job done. Willie tells me he is having the best summer yet. Thank you again for making his wishes, and mine, come true."

- Betsy Landsman ~ New York
"To put into words a thank you to others for helping to "develop" your children is difficult for me. This thank you is so heartfelt. Our daughter's Birchmont Experience this past summer is certainly a plateau in her childhood that neither she nor her parents will ever forget. We feel she absolutely blossomed at Birchmont… It was her first sleep away experience and your special staff and program enabled it to happen…"

- The Baletti Family ~ New Jersey


Birchmont love letters

"Thank you so much for taking such excellent care our children. Nate and Aaron had a wonderful summer and came home so happy and healthy and full of excitement for all that they have experienced over the summer. We think they grew a few inches too!!
We were very impressed with their counselors on visiting day as well as their group leader, Steve. Birchmont is so well run and we know that the boys have excellent supervision and instruction delivered in a nurturing and caring way which is the best balance with kids. It is clear that the counselors and all of you deeply care for the kids well-being and their development. You guys sweat all the details and it really shows!
We are so pleased the boys are having such a positive experience at your camp. They are already looking forward to next summer!
Thank you again and hope you can get some much deserved rest!"

- Elissa and Dave Bard ~ Larchmont, NY
"Thank you so very much for being there for Gillian and myself. The comfort that you give to both of us is greatly appreciated. I know this is your business and what you do, but I know you have gone the extra distance for my family and I can't express in words the peace of mind that has given to all of us. On so many levels I know Birchmont is the only place for my family. I was also amazed at how quickly you really knew and understood the inner workings of my daughter; you and your staff have been kind enough to give her the perfect environment to succeed in. Once again from the bottom of my heart I thank you."

- Debbie Schechter ~ New York
"I wanted to write a small note of gratitude to you all for giving my son, Henry, the "best time of his life!" Birchmont truly was life changing for Henry. He went willingly but knowing only Taylor Field I was worried that he may be feeling lost. I have never been more proud and amazed by Henry. You all gave him the tools to succeed for not only the two weeks but the third week too! When Harris called me and said that he wanted to stay, I almost started crying—As I told Harris, this was probably the happiest day of my life other than giving birth to my three children! Henry has always followed in the shadows of an older brother who has an easier time with many things. It is finally so wonderful that Henry has something that his own and had success at it. When I picked Henry up at camp and saw him say goodbye to Harris and Tyler, I knew instantly how proud they were of him and I felt that Henry was sad to leave. He told me in the car that he couldn’t wait to go back and that he "missed me, but not in a bad way." I told him the same thing! It was the best three weeks of my life too because I knew for once Henry was happy, feeling important, being independent and making new friends. Words aren’t enough to let you know the impact this has had on our family. I am so proud of Henry and he can’t wait to come back! THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!!"

- Demi Isenstadt ~ Massachusetts
"I hope all is well with you. Lisa and I took a couple of days to ourselves so we were not able to see you at the camp reunion. I asked Paige how the "Winter Reunion" was and she had the most amazing response. She said "If I put all the happiness in a bag I would not be able to pick it up." Thanks for everything you have done for Paige."

- Dr. Lind ~ New York
"I would like to thank you for my first year at Birchmont. I had an amazing time this summer! It was my first time going swimming in a lake and it was super fun! I've done so many new and amazing things at Birchmont! I learned how to water ski, I improved in horseback riding and swimming and I made many new friends!"

- Molly; First Year Camper ~ New York
"I wanted to personally thank you for having us up to your camp. In my capacity as a "Lacrosse Specialist" I have had the opportunity to visit several camps over the last ten years. I truly love the atmosphere you have created for your campers. Everything that happens at your camp is a direct result of how much you care about every camper and your leadership style. You are caring people that campers and staff love and respect … That's the way it should be. Any staff I spoke to had nothing but kind words to say about you. I enjoyed every moment of our time at Birchmont and would love to show my wife and 2 kids Birchmont, so they can join Birchmont as campers."

- Jesse Sorenson ~ Visiting Lacrosse Coach