Lets Eat

Let's Eat

Birchmont believes in healthy, tasty, nutritious home-made meals. We offer fresh ingredients and pride ourselves on delivering a variety of daily options which suit the tastes of campers and staff. We offer hot entrees at every meal as well as our salad bars with all the fixings which changes from breakfast bar to garden green salads. The lunchtime salad bars include tuna, chicken and egg salads as well as premium cold cuts and fresh vegetables. Our homemade soup and pasta bars are popular extras offered at lunch and dinner. We also offer a vegetarian option at each meal, and fresh fruit and juice are available throughout our camp day. At Birchmont, we are a “peanut safe” environment. We do not cook with any nut oils, nut products, or have any nut toppings (including sesame buns) on camp grounds. We are happy to provide references and direct communication with families whose children have significant allergies and have felt confident that their children are safe and thriving at camp.

We can accommodate almost any dietary need in our camp kitchen from gluten-free to kosher items. Aside from our daily meals, we host a range of special events which include themed meals to the delight of both campers and staff. At Birchmont, much like at home, we believe food is fuel, and it should be delicious and nutritious.

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